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As an example : KAMON (Japanese family crests)

Crane-shaped plum blossom Standing arrowhead in circle Tilted four-square-eyes in circle Chrysanthemum with water Shirakawa hawk feathers

Crane-shaped noshi circle Fusen-style shadowed ume Peephole-view rhombic chinese flower in threadlike Swirl-like wave circle Pine,bamboo leaves,ume

Overlapping waves in circle Ogimachi Forsythia Standing hollyhocks Butterfly-shaped fans (Hi-ogi cho) Butterfly-shaped clove having a child

Six coins for the Sanada family Wood sorrel in circle Wood sorrel with swords in circle Kujo wisteria Intersecting hawk feathers in circle

Intersecting arrows in circle Ume branch & shadowed butterfly-shaped ume blossom Ryoma Sakamoto Panda mon Three clockwise swirls (Jinuki)

Butterfly-shaped hawk feathers Intersecting hawk feathers in circle Tilted four-square-eyes in circle Panda in circle Embracing japanese ginger in circle

Paulownia with 5&3 blooms in circle Chrysanthemum with water Two parallel arrows in circle Facing sea breams B in bamboo circle Butterfly-shaped goka

Mokko Embracing oak leaves on layered fans Moon and Bat Crab-shaped peony Butterfly-shaped fans (Ogi kocho)

Ageha Butterfly Bat-shaped paulownia Crab-shaped peony Shadowed crane-shaped plum blossom Wood sorrel

Crane-shaped chrysanthemum Kanke umebachi Sandbank (Ver.Monten) Peephole-view rhombic chinese flower in threadlike Crane-shaped arrowhead

Nine bamboo leaves Standing arrowhead in circle Saigo Takamori (Chrysanthemum) Butterfly-shaped fans (Ohgi kocho) Ivy leaf in circle

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Good friends Return beauty Cupid Bootan Evil extermination Bowling

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Kabuki Han-nya Ko-omote Ohtobide

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Squirrel Bicycle Kingfisher

* Chootan

Hello chootan Unbrella Figure skating

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Stereography designs

Butcher Harpist Pinkoro Jizo

** Mon wari **

Mitsu-wari (Trisection)

Itsutsu-wari (Five equal parts)

Yatsu-wari (Eight equal parts)

Ju-wari (Ten equal parts)

Application Example

* Wood sorrel with swords

* Intersecting hawk feathers in a circle

* Itsutsu-bishi

* Mitsu-bishi

* Sangai-bishi

* Takeda-bishi

* Sumitate yotsume

* Chigai kuginuki

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