These family crests (In Japanese, KAMON) are called 'Mokko Mon' in JAPAN.

Mokko crests
Mokko in a circle Mokko Mokko in rice cake
Butterfly-shaped Goka Mokko in rhombus Pile of three mokkos Trisected Mokkos
Nail puller in goka Asano hawk feathers in goka Oda Nobunaga
Odaka or Oda mokko
Chinese flower in goka

Note !!

Family crest of "Oda Nobunaga" is "Chinese flower in goka" rather than "Oda mokko".

Although the name of this pattern is mokko (Japanese quince, a small tree of the rose family), its origin is unclear. It may at one time have had some relationship to the Japanese quince itself or, alternatively, symbolized the cross-section cut of a cucumber. A third view holds that it was a pattern used to decorate sudare (bamboo blinds) that were imported from China in ancient times. Whatever the case, these patterns have been used as decorations for oxcarts, palanquins, and clothes since ancient times, and naturally came to be used in kamon as well. (From 'Family Crests of Japan' ICG Muse, Inc.2001)

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