Line (Hikiryo)

These family crests (In Japanese, KAMON) are called 'Hikiryo Mon' in JAPAN.

Line crsts
Two lines,Divided into seven Two lines, encircled Two lines in circle

Tow lines, divided into seven (Nanatsu-wari futatsu-biki)

Tow lines, divided into seven

Tow lines, encircle (Maru-ni futatsu-biki)

Tow lines, encircle

There are various views about these encircled lines or bars. The word hikryo can be written several different ways in Japanese, and its meaning is also ambiguous. It may simply mean two lines drawn parallel, a straightforward geometrical description of the pattern. Another possibility has its origin with the encampment curtains of samurai families. These curtains consisted of five pieces of cloth dyed different colors such as black and dark blue and sewn together horizontally. There was a different combination of colors for each family. Yet a third view holds that since the ryo of hikiryo also means "spirit" or "dragon", the design was a superstitious or religious symbol of some kind. (From 'Family Crests of Japan' ICG Muse, Inc.2001)

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