Wisteria (Fuji)

These family crests (In Japanese, KAMON) are called 'Fuji Mon' in JAPAN.

Wisteria crsets
Hanging wisteria in circle Hanging wisteria Hanging wisteria in rice cake Three swirled wisterias Eight wisterias
Ichijo wisteria Nijo wisteria Kujo wisteria Rhombic hanging wisteria Rhombic climbing wisteria

The wisteria is a deciduous shrub of the legume family. These crests were modeled after the wisteria's leaves and blooms. People have enjoyed wisteria blooms since the Nara Period, and there are poems about them in the anthology Manyoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves). Wisteria bloom-viewing feasts were not uncommon. The plant was also frequently used as a pattern for clothes, which were illustrated in Eiga Monogatari (The Glory Story) and Genji Monogatari (The Tale of Genji). After that, the pattern was altered into a family crest design, and families that have the kanji for wisteria in their names often adopted this kamon. (From 'Family Crests of Japan' ICG Muse, Inc.2001)

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