Arrowhead crests

The arrowhead, a perpetual of the water plantain family, was alternatively called shogunso (victorious army grass). Because of this connotation, it was a pattern favored for the crests of samurai families. (From "Family Crests of Japan" ICG Muse, Inc.2001)

These family crests (In Japanese, KAMON) are called "Omodaka - Mon" in JAPAN.
Standing arrowhead in circle Ohzeki arrowhead Top-view double arrowhead leaves with blossoms
Butterfly-shaped arrowhead Crane-shpaed paper arrowhead
Standing arrowhead in circle Standing arrowhead in rice cake Embracing arrowheads in circle
(type A)
Embracing arrowheads in circle
(type B)
Crane-shaped arrowhead
Choshu variant Arrowhead Nagato Arrowhead Arrowhead and water Shippo-shaped arrowhead Shadowed arrowhead in circle

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Crane-shaped arrowhead Standing arrowhead in circle Mohri family crests Kanji numeral one and three stars for the Mohri family

Mori Motonari (1497-1571) : Motonari was a famous daimyo who ruled ten provinces in the Chugoku region. There is a very famous story about the time Motonari advised his three children, saying, 'One arrow breaks easily, but if three arrows are bound together and become one, they will never break. In the same way, the three of you should cooperate with each other to support and expand the Mori clan'. (From ibidem)

Family tree for the Mori Motonari

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